Attention ambitious Leaders, Entrepreneurs and Creators: Your Next Level is calling.

Are you looking for solutions to your challenges as a leader?
Are you responsible for the ESG, DEIB and AI agendas and wondering how to live up to the new demands?
Do you need to turn a crisis into a quantum leap?
Do you want to replace stress, overwhelm & lack of innovation with creativity, productivity & collaborativity?

Then you have come to the right place as this is the specialty of
the Illumina International Leadership Academy, founded by Kirsten Stendevad.
Check out these 3 tips for using 2024 to futureproof your career and company and if it resonates, let´s talk.
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Coached executives from:

STOP allowing the usual "lack-of-time/money/convenience" autopilot rule and START investing in a better tomorrow so you can avoid becoming a victim of the rapidly changing circumstances.
There is a proven way for you to transcend into a powerful 21st Century icon that leads yourself and your teams with ease and produce extraordinary results while co-creating a Bright Future - for All.

Do you want to become/remain a leader others want to follow? Do you sense that a completely new kind of leadership is needed at this time? Do you want to upgrade to this futurefriendly leadership that allows you to shape tomorrow and turn breakdowns into breakthroughs? 
If so, then this might very well be the most important letter you will ever read. Here’s why:
My name is Kirsten Stendevad. After mentoring founders, top executives, CEO´s and high achievers from leading organisations like Mercedes, Maersk and Nestle and giving workshops at Harvard Business School, MIT and New York University, I’ve seen first hand that consistent results are not random. They are a direct output of the landscape within. By following the unique 7-step-system of Illumina International, you can  unleash untapped resources and become a Legendary 21stCentury Lighthouse.

The new leadership for ambitious people is not about guesswork or "trial-and-error" - it's about following a path that has been proven to lead to where most long to go

Get access to the shortcuts and keys to futureproofing by consulting a team who has walked the path before you and helped countless formal and informal leaders go from great to extraordinary leaders, entrepreneurs and creators.
Let´s face it: The era of the lonely wolf is over. None of us can figure it all out on our own. The World has become too complex and we move too slowly, even dangerously, when no one is helping us overcome the pitfalls of our blind spots,
We invite you to allow in inspiration, customized help and access to frontrunning experts so you  too can keep up & rise to next level of purpose, impact and remarkable results.
The best way to find out if this is for you is to check it out.
You have an opportunity right now to get free mentoring from an experienced visionary.
This offer is only available for a limited time, and it might never come back.

Here's just a tiny fraction of the amazing people we at IL have been privileged to help:

On your free strategy-session you will get a tailored roadmap to become an A+ level leader.

And FYI, we have lots of success stories from male leaders too!

What you'll be walking away from your complimentary session with:

We gently part any time if it turns out that we are not a match.

If we are, you are in the best hands!

But you will not know unless you  give me a chance to inspire you.

Most leaders never ascend into TRUE leaders, that are magnets for natural followership and produce remarkable results for themselves and others...

Yet, this is what this special time in history is demanding of us.
Chances are that you are not as great a leader as you have the capacity to be. And that is not because you are incompetent or do not have the drive – quite contrary.
The current leadership paradigm is simply outdated. “Demanding” respect is no longer a way to gain the listening of your peers. Having a formal leadership position does not make you a leader either. This way of thinking is so last Century!
Instead there are 7 key traits that A+ level leaders display, which are sadly not taught in business schools and conventional leadership trainings, That’s why I am giving them to you here.

Get the GPS to 21st Century Success & High Performance without stress

Why waste time trying to solve some problems that I might  help you with during your free call? You can save countless hours, headaches and mistakes by taking advantage of this shortcut. Is no shame to be overwhelmed in this era of polycrisis. But it can be expensive to NOT allow yourself to receive inspiration from the outside. Most leaders – men, women and everone in between – lack Yin Intelligence. This is my expertise that I can transfer to you so you are able to futureproof yourself, your loved ones and your business.

So if you are ready to ascend into a high-achieving leader, who produces outstanding results with your AI-informed BEING,  RELATIONAL SKILLS, ability to see THE BIG PICTURE and make decisions that are beneficial for THE WHOLE, then look no further. This free strategy-session that takes only 15-30  minutes might give you the clarity you need and deserve. I am currently offering this opportunity because I am eager to learn from leaders all over the World as part of the research for my new leadership books,  but only for a limited time, so if you are serious about taking yourself and you leadership to the next level, make sure you take advantage of this offer while it lasts.

Your external growt depends on your internal growth… Do you agree it is time for all of us to grow?

Why am I so eager to meet you`
I am a leadership developer who write cutting edge books on 21st Century business.
I learn so much from talking to leaders all over the World!
And the feedback I receive is that that leaders walk away from my free sessions with:


A clear roadmap on how to become an extraordinary formal or informal leader in the 21st Century, so you know the path to an inner and outer upgrade.


Think leading with even more ease, confidence and success is beyond you? Wrong. I'll show you how you can realize the potential you sense - and more.


How to join the movement of leaders, entrepreneurs and creators who change the World for better - while prospering, feeling less stress & more joy.

If nothing else, we meet each other and you will leave the call enriched about perspectives you might never have thought of on your own! You have nothing to lose and more futureproofing wisdom to gain. I´m on my 9th book about 21st Century paradigms.

I am sure I can help you with something and I am sure you can enlighten me too!

"Kirsten, this sounds way too good to be true..."

And I would agree with you. All of this does indeed sound too good to be true.
However after working with leaders, founders and top executives from Fortune 500 companies I can confirm one thing: Most great leaders aren’t born that way. Neither is their extraordinary results the result of “luck”. Great leaders have an awareness that can be learned by anybody who is willing to take the time to stop their busy scrolling and learn something new.
It has become a science helping my clients develop the 7 crucial 21st Century leadership skills, which is why I am so confident that you could achieve these results too. Period. If you do not achieve an aha-moment during our session, I will continue to work with you for free until you do.
In short, I invite you to stop scrolling and start elevating.

So here's the deal...

During your free 15 minute strategy session, we will take a deep dive into the following things:

Here's what others have experienced:

"Invaluable support for pioneers"

Thank you so much for your unstoppable dedication and abundant heart energy. To me, it is a surplus of a carat that is completely unique. Role model!

I have known some of the things you teach for many years, but because of your leader training I get to apply them, and therefore I have grown in completely new ways, with the wholeness intact.

I could not do the pioneering work I do without the support of the group – it is invaluable.

- Kirsten Krogh CEO, Out-of-the-box & Beyond-the-box

"The World would be a better place if all leaders took this training"

It is a fantastic enriching experience to participate in Kirsten Stendevad’s Future Leadership training. She has a huge reference apparatus, which she generously shares, in the form of anecdotes, quotes, an enormously broad knowledge of everything from quantum physics to spirituality as well as her own life experience. I have learned to use the feminine and masculine energy in a conscious and productive way that promotes creativity, intuition, proactivity, empathy, dynamism and momentum. The transformative learning most often takes place in a “learning-by-doing mode” through both bodily and thought pattern exercises. There is also an extraordinary power in the groups she puts together. Everyone sees and lifts each other in a very positive and life-giving light. There is no doubt that the World would be a better place if all leaders took Kirsten’s training.

- Christian Helsengreen / CEO Zense-making

"Opened up a higher perspective on life, career and my true calling"

Kirsten is a visionary. She has observed and understood for a long time what others are only realizing as a consequence of the Covid-19 pandemic: The way we do business, the way we lead this world, must change. Kirsten has distilled the essence of what’s needed in 7 principles of leadership fit for the future. She has years of experience in developing leaders combined with a holistic outlook and compassion for others. This makes her the essence of what she teaches – a leader for the 21st Century.

Kirsten is a wealth of wisdom, knowledge and insights. She has in a very short time opened my mind up to a world I did not know existed, and with that, broadened my perspective on what my future can look like. I cannot wait to continue my journey with her and her high caliber network.

- Eva Kloeve / then Leader at World Bank, DC.

"Have become more creative, productive and visionary"

I have learned so much that has changed so much for me. I have significantly strengthened my self-worth and my direction, and my creativity and productivity have increased while my stress has decreased.

I’ve got new good work habits, a great network and now even “impossible” dreams seem realistic.”

- Tine Pia Jensen, CEO, Lumuma Production & brand agency

"A loving and competent training in the consciousness of the new era"

The leadership training with Kirsten Stendevad is a competent, loving and enlightened introduction to the paradigms of the new era. On all levels, Kirsten Stendevad has a God-given ability to transmit and facilitate many years of experience in leadership and awareness work. She inspires leaders at all levels and introduces effective tools for 21st Century leadership in the most beautiful way.

- Karsten Skjoldhøj
CEO DesignMind

"Have taken a quantum leap as a person and leader"

As a dedicated guide, Kirsten creates amazing settings for learning and personal development. Here she manages to build a bridge between the future-visionary yin universe and the completely tangible tools that immediately strengthened my daily management.

I have taken a quantum leap personally, as a leader and in my private life.

- Simon Dalsgaard
Director, Deloitte